+/- Telecommunications and Utilities

VoIP and SIP

More and more telephony services are moving to VoIP using SIP. Optimation has considerable experience in working with SIP and the Asterisk open-source platform. Custom enhancements that go way beyond simple PBX-style configuration can be performed using technology already developed and deployed for existing customers.

Telecoms and Utility meter rating

Complex rating is no challenge. We can quickly produce a customised flexible, high performance rating engine. This capability is highly suited to telecommunications carriers, ISPs, ASPs, and wholesalers and retailers in water, gas and electricity.

+/- Banking and Finance

Commercial internet banking

For over 20 years, Optimation has been working with financial institutions to deliver internet banking solutions based on contemporary technologies. These low TCO custom solutions provide secure, reliable, functional and scalable systems.

+/- Big Data Integration

Extreme data volumes

Today's corporate environments generate extreme volumes of data - now referred to as "Big Data". If you need to process extreme volumes of data for migration, transformation, analysis, business intelligence and commerce, then Optimation has the skills and tools to do the job.

Data mediation, transformation, migration, ETL

Whatever you data integration requirement, Optimation's knowledge in transforming data of any format is considerable. Let us help you with your mediation, transformation, migration or ETL requirements.

Data profiling

Data profiling can be an expensive, long and error-prone exercise. We can help you perform inexpensive profiling of massive data volumes, which duplicate removal, filtering, sorting and analysis no matter how much data you have.

Data interconnect and data exchange

Need to connect to data sources from other organisations? Need to deliver data in formats you are not familiar with? Any format of data can be handled, be it text or binary.

+/- Complex networking and communications


Implementing a new environment or reworking an old one? We can analyse and design networking and communications environments in order for you to meet your security, performance, scalability, reliability and maintenance goals.

+/- Documentation

Writing and reviewing

Hard to find good I.T. technical document writers? We have experience in writing process, architecture, design, maintenance, administration, coding, testing and user documentation.

+/- System and application performance

Performance analysis, tuning and enhancement

Finding out why your application or system isn't performing to your expectations isn't always easy. At Optimation, we have specialist skills in analysis and tuning to help your system perform better. We can also set up monitoring facilities to help you keep on top of any changes in performance.

Capacity planning

Demands on I.T. capacity grow quickly and sometimes in unexpected ways. With the myriad options available from multi-core hardware to cloud services, your capacity planning has never been challenged with so many possibilities. How do you assess these options? We can help guide you through the possibilities, adding both qualitative and quantitative analysis, while delivering clear business-oriented options and strategies.

+/- Security

Security architecture, design and implementation

If you need to design and implement an architecture that is security sensitive, then we can help you. Our extensive experience in security enables us to cover all the security aspects of I.T. systems.

Supporting Kerberos and OpenSSL

Optimation provides custom support services for MIT Kerberos and for OpenSSL.

Encryption technology and advice

Optimation has extensive experience in encryption technologies such as AES, DES, S/MIME and SSL. We are also experts in X.509 certificate management.

Firewalls and VPNs

We have experience with IPTables, IPFilter amd Cisco firewalls; and IPSec and OpenVPN tunnels.

+/- Testing

Test data generation

Performing high volume testing sometimes demands the generation of specific test data. We have the experience to craft or de-nature data for specific testing requirements.

Test and QA management

Need guidance on what to test, when to test and how to test? Optimation can help you manage your way through the testing maze.